The LADYBUG swimmer program was started by Coach Chris in 2018 to offer FREE swim buoys to encourage open water swim safety (wearing a bright buoy anytime you swim in open water), and to take the intimidation out of open water swimming for new swimmers!

The LADYBUG SWIMMER program provides completely FREE swim buoys to anyone who joins in for an open water swim, with one caveat… you have to agree to “pass it on” by giving the buoy to someone else within a year of receiving it, to encourage open water swimming safety, camaraderie, and develop new friendships through open water swimming!

To receive a free buoy, simply follow our news & events through the 4 STAR ENDURANCE website by signing up for email updates below – or follow us on facebook to stay tuned for upcoming events!

To support the LADYBUG SWIMMER program, consider making a financial contribution to 4 STAR ENDURANCE programs here: SPONSOR 4 STAR

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