4 Star’s Fix A Flat Resources

Want some great fix a flat tips to help practice and build confidence for race day?

Watch our 4 STAR ENDURANCE “Fix a Flat” video (link coming soon)!



  1. Open BRAKES / brake calipers first
  2. Rear wheel only: shift into HARDEST (smallest) rear chainring for easy wheel removal (optionally shift into small ring on front crankset for even more slack on chain to make it easier)
  3. Open skewer & loosen with a couple turns
  4. Remove wheel (rear wheel – push on derailleur tab for easy removal)
  5. Remove tire using TIRE LEVERS (starting on the side opposite the valve)
  6. Align tire lever “scoop” under bead of tire with a spoke below. Position a second tire lever and push both in together, then attach one tire lever to a spoke using the tire levers HOOK
  7. Keep tube aligned with label / PSI near valve (to better identify spot of leak/hole/tear)
  8. Inflate tube with small amount of air to identify spot of leak (if possible)
  9. Check inside of tire for gravel/glass and spot source of leak (look for powder)
  10. Patch tube or replace tube
  11. Add small amount of air into (new or patched) tube (to maintain shape and prevent pinch flats).
  12. Starting at valve – insert tube inside wheel & tire.
  13. Place tube inside tire first, then align both over the wheel (bead still exposed)
  14. Re-set tire bead starting at valve first (push valve in to help), then work around
  15. Use tire levers or palms to get last bit in (push slack up & pinch tire into center of wheel well if you need more slack)
  16. Inflate slowly, and check for exposed tire bead before fully inflating
  17. Reset wheel and make sure it’s in all the way!
  18. Tighten skewers (should be hard, firm!)
  19. Check brakes – are they rubbing?
  20. Double check outside surface of tire for glass or rocks before riding away
  • TIP: BARREL ADJUSTERS!  If gears aren’t shifting or brakes are rubbing, use the barrel adjusters or manually adjust the brakes to ensure safe braking power! Barrel adjusters are sometimes located on cables coming out of handlebar shifters or on downtube.
  • TIP: After Fix A Flat… A-B-C Bike Check!
    • A – Air – should be firm for greater efficiency & speed!
    • B – Brakes – Not rubbing, but not too loose either!
    • C – Chain – Shift through all gears


Watch these videos to learn how bike tires work and various tips on how to fix a flat tire if it happens to you!

1. Fix A Flat – Road Bike Front Wheel (7mins) https://youtu.be/wOBcXVnJLcc

2. Fix A Flat – Road Bike Complete Removal (2mins)https://youtu.be/Lydl8gyGrHY 

3. Tires – How Bike Tires Work (10mins)https://youtu.be/F7tY70MModk


For more bike tips, check out REI’s bike articles and flat tire tips.

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