Learn about #VO2Max and Metabolic Testing on the TriDot Podcast!

Want to learn more about TriDot? Hear our very own Coach Chris from 4 STAR ENDURANCE featured on the latest episode of the TriDot Podcast talking about Metabolic Testing! Learn about VO2 Max, FatMax, Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), Blood Lactate Testing, and more! Discover the journey of training smarter through testing, different testing options, and other tips to optimize to implement in your own training! Then see how you can get scheduled for a metabolic test by visiting www.MetabolicAthlete.com today!

Listen below, then scroll further below for more information about the TriDot platform, and how to get started (Click here to get a free Trial of TriDot and RaceX to predict your next race finish time!)

PODCAST: https://tridot.com/podcasts/performance-testing-for-triathletes/


Receive $140 off a Metabolic360… RMR + VO2 Max testing bundle at http://www.MetabolicRunner.com

Get tested with Coach Chris at Chicago’s only metabolic testing center featuring the new CardioCoach app integration for your smart devices – including enabling Garmin devices to be able to show your real time fat vs. carb metabolism!

Visit Lakeshore Labs – powered by Metabolic Athlete
at www.MetabolicAthlete.com to learn more and sign up to get tested!


4 STAR ENDURANCE is now powered by TriDot and RunDot!

We are excited to bring the TriDot triathlon training platform to our Chicago athletes and to our 4 STAR CLUB training community! To celebrate, going forward all 4 Star Club members will enjoy a bonus 1-on-1 TriDot training consult annually to get started quick in learning how to custom-tailor the TriDot data optimized training (DOT) system to your goals and races! Click here to get a free Trial of TriDot!

Already a member of the 4 STAR CLUB or simply want to chat with a coach on how to get started? Schedule your bonus 1on1 session today at http://calendly.com/metabolicathlete/consult


What is TriDot?

TriDot (and now RunDot!) is both a complete training platform and multisport community. Become more familiar with TriDot when you utilize both the platform tools and enjoy the TriDot content, including:

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