Echelon Racing League (ERL) Features Chicago’s Top eSports Cycling Team!

With a cold & long winter climate, and a huge population & cycling community, the Chicago area has quickly become a hot-bed for professional level “eSports” indoor virtual bike racing! Check out the highlight reel of video footage and photos of several 4 STAR ENDURANCE and xXx RACING ATHLETICO cyclists racing in the professional divisions of the ECHELON RACING LEAGUE (ERL) – and scroll down below to learn more about how to get started with racing on RGT CYCLING and how to join our amateur and pro eSports teams!



eSports Cheer Squad!

eSports Monster of the Midwest!”

Jacquie Godbe – Monster of the Midwest!

Since the start of COVID restrictions have shut down endurance races across the country, Chicago’s standout pro triathlete Jacquie Godbe has taken her athletic talents to the booming virtual cycling eSports platforms… and proven to be the woman to beat across the two most popular virtual bike racing platforms among professional cyclists – ZWIFT and ROAD GRAND TOURS (RGT) CYCLING.

Jacquie won the U.S. eSports Trials to earn her spot on USA CYCLING‘s TEAM USA squad at the inaugural UCI eSports World Championships where she placed in the TOP 5 IN THE WORLD!

Since then, she’s also been racing professionally with SARIS + THE PROS CLOSET (STPC), one of the top pro teams in virtual eSports cycling, in the new ZWIFT RACING LEAGUE (ZRL) premiere division – as well as with Chicago’s xXx Racing-Athletico in the professional division of the ECHELON RACING LEAGUE (ERL).

You can follow Jacquie on INSTAGRAM and TWITCH

Jacquie “In The News”:
2017 – ITU World Champion (AG)
ITU Athlete Profile

xXx Racing-Athletico

xXx Racing-Athletico – USA CYCLING “Club of the Year” (2010, 2013, 2015)

xXx Racing-Athletico is Chicago’s premiere USA CYCLING (USAC) Division I cycling club, having produced state, national, and world champion cyclists. While supporting grassroots development programs, races, non-profits, clinics, and hosting Chicago’s largest weekly group ride… they were even selected by USA CYCLING as DIVISION I “CLUB OF THE YEAR” three times (2010, 2013, 2015).

Now, thanks to Jacquie Godbe and several other athletes from the Chicago Virtual Cyclists (CVC) community’s ScaryFast Development Squad program, xXx Racing is quickly growing one of the top local eSports bike racing teams and development programs! Learn more about the team at xxxracing.org/history


Want to get involved in virtual cycling “eSports” bike racing with our team on the RGT CYCLING platform? Here’s how to get involved – including how you can (optionally) join one of Chicago’s largest bike racing teams (xXx Racing-Athletico) in real life too!

1. Want to get involved in virtual cycling and network to connect with other Chicago area cyclists?
Get started with our beginner-friendly and free CHICAGO VIRTUAL CYCLISTS (CVC) community – by simply introducing yourself when you join our groups on Facebook and Discord!

2. Want to learn more about RGT CYCLING, the free virtual cycling app?
Visit rgtcycling.com/get-started to race and ride for free virtually – all you need is a phone (as your main “controller”), a PC/Mac/Tablet/AppleTV device (as your “viewing screen”), and a Smart Trainer or bike with a power meter!

3. Want to participate in competitive bike races through the free ECHELON RACING LEAGUE (ERL) – with or without our xXx Racing-Athletico squad?
Visit echelonracingleague.com and sign up for the AMATEUR division to join the Echelon Racing League email list first, then join in the Cat 1/2/3/4 divison races on Saturday and Sunday afternoons (if you’re not familiar with bike racing, Cat 4/5 are the beginner divisions, so start there and work your way up!). Don’t forget to select the xXx Racing-Athletico team jersey under the EQUIPMENT options in the SETTINGS menu of the RGT CYCLING phone app if you’d like to show off your connection to our Chicago-based team. Optionally, feel free to create a profile and join our team roster on RGTDB.com to track your race results across all races you complete on the RGT platform to see how you rank!

To join the PROFESSIONAL division of the Echelon Racing League, please review the “Series Bible” for additional verification rules and steps required to race at this level, including creating a profile on eBioPassport.com and submitting regular videos to verify height, weight, and power meter calibration before each pro level race series. Our “pro” team is very friendly and focused on being an open development squad to help new riders – so we always welcome new members! Simply email coach@4starendurance.com with a link to your ZwiftPower.com or RGTDB.com profile if you’d like to be considered as a new member to our pro team roster – we welcome anyone, but we are limited to 6 riders per race and only up to 12 riders on the team roster (per gender) each season, so spots are limited!

4. Want to join Chicago’s top virtual + “in real life” (IRL) bike racing team so you can show your Chicago pride by wearing a real xXx Racing-Athletico team kit in person?
Check out membership info at xXx Racing-Athletico – and don’t miss the great photos below from featuring their team kit in the ECHELON RACING LEAGUE (ERL) on RGT CYCLING!

5. Need to upgrade to a SMART TRAINER or POWER METER?
Most virtual cycling apps require a “power source” to measure your effort in watts. You can get a phone app or heart rate monitor that converts heart rate to power, a power meter for your bike (to have the added benefit of a power meter for indoors and outdoors!), or a “interactive” smart trainer – visit some of Chicago’s top local bike shops like PEREGRINE BICYCLE STUDIO and BFF BIKES!

6. Gear up!
Join xXx Racing Athletico and you’ll also get a code for 50% off team gear in the Echelon Racing League (ERL) eSports gear store: https://wearenations.com/collections/echelon-racing-merchandise?page=2


Check out these great photos from TLBVELO PHOTOGRAPHY!

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