Get your Fat vs. Carb Metabolic Efficiency “FatMax” Profile on your Garmin and Cell Phone!

NEW – Korr Medical CardioCoach VO2 Max and Metabolic Efficiency “FatMax” testing now available in Chicago!

Precision Matters. Does your heart rate monitor or smart watch reflect your true metabolism? Now you can dial in lab-grade precision of your unique fat vs. carb metabolism just like a professional athlete, and see it in real-time on your cell phone or Garmin watch with the newly updated Korr Medical CardioCoach app!

By completing a Metabolic Test with 4 Star Endurance, you can now get your unique Fat vs. Carb metabolic profile loaded directly on your Phone and your Garmin watch for greater precision with heart rate based training. Improving your endurance sports performance through precision and train like a professional athlete!

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CardioCoach VO2 Max App - KORR Medical Technologies

NOTE: To ensure accuracy of your carb vs. fat metabolic profile, you’ll first need to complete a “long VO2” test, also known as a Metabolic Efficiency Point (MEP) or “FatMax” test. This is a specific type of “metabolic economy” VO2 test, that we typically conduct as a second tier “level 2” test after you’ve already set up your heart rate training zones by doing a baseline VO2 Max Test. While a standard “VO2 MAX” test result can be imported into the CardioCoach app, the accuracy of fat vs. carb metabolism at specific heart rates during long endurance events requires testing after a longer 6-12 hour fasting period where you ride or run for several minutes at each effort level (rather than a 2-3hr fast and 1-minute steps more typical of standard VO2 Max tests). While you can definitely use a well-administered VO2 Max test’s carb vs. fat metabolic profile as a starting point, just know the “FatMax” accuracy may not be precise enough to accurately plan fueling for events such as marathons and Iron-distance triathlons with precision unless you conduct a true MEP “FatMax” test..

Once you’ve received your metabolic test from us with a Korr CardioCoach PIN number, you can download the “CardioCoach” App on your Phone (Android or iOS), or the “CardioCoach Workout” App on your Garmin to import your test results!

CardioCoach App Upload Subscription - Korr
CardioCoach Phone App

CardioCoach” App – install this app on any iOS or Android device and simply click on the three bar “menu” icon and select TEST RESULTS, then click on the green IMPORT button where you’ll input your EMAIL and PIN number. Then select WORKOUT or START WORKOUT, pick a workout type, start the workout, and click on the FUEL toggle to see your live data!

CardioCoach APP and DATA FIELD for Garmin Devices!

NEW! Get your metabolic profile and live fat vs. carb metabolism on your Garmin watch!

CardioCoach Workout” App (Garmin)
The Korr Medical CardioCoach app is also now available on Garmin devices! If you’re not familiar with how to install apps on your Garmin, follow the instructions from Garmin Support Forums below. Note that you’ll need to install the “CardioCoach Workout” app or “CardioCoach | Fat & Carbs” data field first, and then enter your email and PIN number in the application or data field’s “SETTINGS” area to import your profile from your most recent CardioCoach metabolic test. We recommend using the DATA FIELD and adding it to each of your Garmin’s ACTIVITY PROFILES as a single page data field to ensure you’ll see your Fat vs. Carb data both LIVE and broken down after every workout in your Garmin Connect account! Get the data field via the link below and watch this video: https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/4690eb34-20d9-481a-909c-c60cca58bcd2

TIP: The SETTINGS menu can be found using the Garmin Connect Phone App, Garmin Express PC app, or the Garmin ConnectIQ Store app by following these instructions: https://forums.garmin.com/developer/connect-iq/w/wiki/14/changing-connect-iq-app-settings

STEP 1 – Follow the instructions at https://korr.com/resource/how-do-i-install-use-the-cardiocoach-garmin-connect-iq-app/ and install the “CardioCoach | Fat & Carbs” DATA FIELD and/or “CardioCoach Workout” APP using the Garmin “Connect IQ” store or “Garmin Connect” phone app and visit this link to see all the available apps and data fields from KORR MEDICAL: https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/developer/16a00876-605f-4020-9ce4-c1ca83c5a93e/apps

STEP 2 – Sync your watch to ensure the app and/or data field is fully installed (Tip: on most newer Garmin watches, hold top left button for a couple seconds, then scroll down to select “SYNC”)

STEP 3 – Go to the data field or application’s SETTINGS and input your EMAIL and PIN number. You can ignore the other settings for now, unless you want to copy these below:

  • Can’t find this? To find this via the Garmin “ConnectIQ” phone app…
    … go to “My Device” -> “My Data Fields” -> “CardioCoach | Carbs & Fat” -> “Settings
    … go to “My Device” -> “My Device Apps” -> “CardioCoach Workout” -> “Settings
  • or, via the Garmin “CONNECT” phone app…
    … go to MENU -> “DEVICES” (select your device) -> “Activities, Apps & More” -> “Data Fields“-> “CardioCoach | Carbs & Fat” -> “Settings
    … go to MENU -> “DEVICES” (select your device) -> “Activities, Apps & More” -> “Activities & Apps“-> “CardioCoachWorkout” -> “Settings

STEP 4 – Ready to try it? From the main screen of your watch, click START button on your watch, then scroll down to select the “CardioCoachWorkout” app (instead of selecting a sport mode like Running or Cycling)!

STEP 5 – Click “START” and then “START” again to start your workout (or scroll and play around with the settings first if you want to select a sport type, interval workout type, etc. before you click on start)!

STEP 6 – Click DOWN button (button left button on your watch) to see your live Fat vs. Carb data. Complete your workout and then save your workout to see your detailed summary data and graphs in the Garmin Connect phone app or website!

Detailed graphs provided whenever you run a WORKOUT via the CARDIOCOACH app on a Garmin watch!
You’ll also get the summary stats of Fat vs. Carb as well as an estimate of future calories (EPOC)!

NOTE: Other Garmin ConnectIQ apps can be manually adjusted with your metabolic profile so that you can record fat vs. carb data without using the CardioCoach App. Below are a list of apps & data fields we found that you can try, but note that features may change over time:

Garmin ConnectIQ Apps & Data Fields

Images from “FatBurner” Garmin ConnectIQ app
  • FatBurner (Data Field)
    (this is not a full app, but rather a “DATA FIELD” that works on both Garmin watches and bike computers – see their instructions for how to set up. Note that you’ll need to manually enter your raw data from VO2 test report for this to work. For help, please schedule a 1on1 consultation with us or sign up for Private Coaching for additional assistance. Setting this up for you is included for free with any “MEP” test or private coaching package and will enable your Garmin to show this type of data in all your future workouts with precision dialed in to your unique metabolism so that you can more accurately plan fueling needs for long distance events like marathons and iron distance triathlons:
This is what you’ll see in your Garmin activities – Fat vs. Carb breakdowns based on your metabolism!
NOTE: Images from “FatBurner” Garmin ConnectIQ app

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