T2 Fun Runs with #MetabolicAthlete

Join coaches from 4 Star Endurance and MetabolicAthlete.com every Monday at 5:30pm for fun runs with our charity partner TEAM TO END AIDS (T2) right in the heart of downtown Chicago at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness (LSF) -Illinois Center!

These #MetabolicMonday run meetups are designed to help log #MaintenanceMiles at lower heart rate zone (and social!) running paces that help to develop your ability to improve your #FatMax and #MetabolicEfficiency by burning more fat for fuel!

Join us every Monday at 5:30pm at the LSF-IC front steps as we prepare for summer and fall running events like the Chicago Half Marathon, Chicago Marathon, and NYC Marathon!

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#MetabolicAthlete #MaintenanceMiles #MyzoneMondays

4Star #MotivationMonday Motivators:

PLAN. #ResultsStartHere Bonus!
We all know that following a structured training plan help you #TrainSmarter and see real results! #ResultsStartHere when you use our structured training plans to track your weekly “training stress” (link your TrainingPeaks.com account to 4 Star Coach Chris coach here). As added motivation, be one of the first 10 athletes to complete 10 #MetabolicAthlete #MaintenanceMonday runs downtown with us to earn bonus team “swag” prizes! Simply download the www.TeamReach.com phone app and join via group code “4Star” to RSVP and check in each week to log those runs and earn your prizes!

TEST. #MetabolicAthlete Bonus!
Participants receive special team “member” discounts on metabolic testing to help you train smarter with a focus on learning about your unique fat vs. carb metabolism and #MetabolicEfficiency. Receive up to $100 in metabolic testing discounts as $50 off each #VO2 and #RMR test options – or schedule a full #FatMax or #Metabolic360 test (VO2+RMR) bundle for a discounted rate of only $360 with Coach Chris Navin from #MetabolicAthlete at www.MetabolicRunner.com

LEARN. #MyZoneMotivation Bonus!
Train with a MyZone heart rate monitor for added motivation to track your weekly and monthly effort via the MyZone Effort Point System (MEPS)! Don’t have a MyZone heart rate monitor yet? Get $50 off a MyZone strap and join our 4Star Endurance Facility ID (4SUS001) to participate in these fun monthly #EffortRewarded challenges to log at least 1,300 “MEPS” each month!

INSPIRE. #RunProud to stay motivated!
Donate to, or join our 4Star Endurance Team to train with TEAM TO END AIDS (T2) and fundraise to receive FREE race entries and FREE certified coach-led training programs valued at over $1,000 to popular sold out events including the Chicago Marathon, NYC Marathon, Chicago Triathlon, and Chicago Half Marathon!
DONATE OR JOINhttps://action.aidschicago.org/team/395356
T2EA INFO: www.t2ea.org

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