Announcing RunDot… Data Optimized Training for Runners!

This past week, RunDot was born… a new generation of AI-powered adaptive training plan tools to help guide runners with custom-tailored DATA OPTIMIZED TRAINING (DOT) that takes your 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon training to the next level!

What is RunDot?

Ready to get started?

Sign up for RunDot (with optional support from 4 STAR ENDURANCE head coach CHRIS NAVIN) using this link:


For a limited time, sign up for the RunDot Project to enjoy up to 2-months of free optimized training – with optional support from 4 STAR ENDURANCE head coach CHRIS NAVIN using this link: RUNDOT PROJECT


Triathlete or Cyclist? RunDot is intended for runners who primarily focus on running workouts as their only endurance workout focus (specifically, athletes who may not want to include swimming and cycling in their training). If you’re a multisport athlete or triathlete, join TriDot instead for training plans that include running, cycling, and swimming workouts using this link: https://app.tridot.com/onboard/sign-up/ChrisNavin

Do you live or train in the Chicago area? Join our new facebook community for both TriDot and RunDot athletes at www.facebook.com/groups/tridotchicago


Once you create a RunDot account (see link above), check your email to participate in an orientation call and don’t miss following the 5 instructional videos here to connect devices, add a race, update threshold, and tweak some settings: https://www.rundot.com/faqs


Visit RunDot.com or TriDot.com for more info, or join our 4 STAR CLUB to become part of our TriDot and RunDot community powered by 4 STAR ENDURANCE coaching support. Join us and take your training to the next level by learning to put data optimized training to practice… with expert guidance!

Still have questions? Schedule a chat with COACH CHRIS to learn more here: calendly.com/metabolicathelte/consult

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