We all have friends in the healthcare industry who are helping to protect us and keep us all healthy by working on the frontlines in the battle against #COVID19. Let’s continue to show them our support to #TrainSafe and #TrainSmart in a #WorldClass manner by staying #Healthy4Healthcare!

Every Wednesday is “hump day” so during the #ShelterAtHome mandate, let’s make it a #HealthcareHumpday every Wednesday by posting a photo of something you do to stay healthy and show support for our Healthcare workers with hashtag #Healthy4Healthcare! Unite and band together to promote positive health and fitness during these especially challenging times and help the common good of our community!

Mentally and physically, healthcare workers globally are battling and dealing with one of the hardest and scariest times of their lives (and ours!) due to the #SARSCov2 pandemic. While the weather is warming up here in #ChiTown, and there is now a monstrous temptation to stray from #SocialDistancing, let’s all continue to show our support for #HealthCareWorkers by 1) staying #Healthy4Healthcare ourselves and 2) promoting little acts of kindness that will help them stay #Healthy4Healthcare too!

Here are “4 tips” if you want to be a “4-star athlete” during these tough times and promote being #Healthy4Healthcare yourself and for the collective benefit of others:

1 – #PhysicalDistancing
Some call is #SocialDistancing, but we encourage staying #SociallyConnected (just from a distance), so simply practice #StayHomeSaveLives best practices and limit outdoor activities as much as possible. If you have to go out, limit it to no more than 1 outdoor workout or activity per day (workout or essential service) and avoid areas of large congregation. If outdoors, simply run or bike somewhere new and different – don’t think of it as a negative thing, turn it into a positive opportunity to explore a little!

If popular running trails are closed, explore someplace new as a #Healthy4Healthcare Runner. If running in a neighborhood that has narrow sidewalks, #TrainSafe and #TrainSmart by running in the street (if there aren’t that many cars out) and run opposite to traffic so you can see oncoming cars.

If you’re a cyclist, please consider being a #Healthy4Healthcare Cyclist by NOT riding outdoors (at least not frequently, if not completely for at least a little while longer). If you ride in the streets you might risk getting in a bike crash, and then you might end up going to the hospital which will increase the burden on healthcare workers and supplies – as well as increase your COVID exposure risk! For this reason, I created Chicago Virtual Cyclists (CVC) and I’m hosting weekly virtual bike workouts online for free through the #ShelterAtHome mandate… so come connect socially with us online instead! The excitement of focusing on new online workouts, races, and socially connecting on virtual group rides is a great way to have structure in your weekly routine, boost your mood with a little adrenaline rush, and something mentally and emotionally positive to look forward to by staying socially active!

We are all struggling with cabin fever, but we’ll get through this quicker with less impact by continuing #PhysicalDistancing best practices during these challenging times… even as the weather warms up!

2 – #StayAtHome #StayHealthy
Continue to both #TrainSafe and #EatHealthy, because you need to keep yourself healthy! Do something positive every day to help boost your health, fitness, and immune system while you #StayTheFHome – whether it’s making a healthier eating decision or working out indoors. #StayAtHome as much as possible but still do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. Walk 1 mile, bike indoors, or follow a #TrainAtHome Instagram or Facebook Live workout… just stay active so you can maintain #HeartHealth and your #VO2Max lung capacity. Build your health up so that if you do catch COVID-19, you’ll be strong enough to hopefully defeat it at home and minimize the impact on our healthcare workers and supplies!

3 – #WashYourHands and #WearAMask
This should go without saying, but wash your hands often! Also, for the protection of others, please #WearAMask too – even as the weather warms up. When running, a great solution to consider is to get a “fandana” or “neck gaiter” made of light technical fabric… it might not be a 100% fool-proof, but it won’t cause you to overheat and it’s a practical solution that you can pull up when needed near others, and pull down to breathe better when you’re at an appropriate distance.

4 – #PayItForward
Do something to pay it forward for healthcare workers. Donate, volunteer, or find a creative way to simply show your support in an unexpected way to support our community and our #HealthcareHeroes! See below links for opportunities to donate, volunteer, or even buy a healthcare worker a free lunch to say THANK YOU!

Feel free to pass these tips on to others and promote best practices by posting on social media anytime you do something #Healthy4Healthcare – let’s make it go viral and share your own tips your own way! #WorkTogether and we’ll get through this with #Teamwork!

If you’d like to give back, donate, volunteer, want more tips, or to stay on top of COVID related updates, please follow these links and feel free to suggest more for us to add here:

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