Introducing our new Swim360 Underwater Video Analysis!

Underwater video analysis in SWIM TECHNIQUE classes and SWIM360 private video analysis sessions!

Taking our passion of photography and video analysis to the next level, we’re now offering 4K-resolution and 360-degreeSwim360 underwater swim stroke video analysis service to help swimmers and triathletes or all levels – from beginners to elites!

There is no better way to identify areas for improvement than truly seeing yourself from every angle, in high quality, and in slow motion. Using new techniques and tech, we can now analyze your swim technique in up to 4k high resolution with up to 240 frames per second slow motion both above and below the water with some of the latest 360-degree video equipment featuring 6-axis image stabilization. Get the highest quality video analysis possible and shed new light into every inch and angle of your stroke mechanics unlike ever before!

360-degree video enables us to analyze your stroke from the FRONT, BACK, ABOVE, and SIDE – including both ABOVE and BELOW water all in one video shot!

Our video analysis techniques and technology solutions have been developed into a custom-designed “4 STAR MOBILE LAB” solutions that are available at select locations in the Chicago area. To request an individual 1on1 appointment, or group solutions to bring our mobile lab and tech to your private pool, training center, fitness studio, team workout, or partner health club, please contact us at COACH@4STARENDURANCE.COM or visit 4starendurance.com/swim-lessons.

Underwater Video Analysis Cart

You can also find 4 STAR ENDURANCE underwater video analysis services featured as part of both group and private swim lessons throughout the year, including:

Pro Triathlete and former ITU Age Group World Champion Jacquie Godbe


Want to record your own swim stroke and wondering what type of technology we use? We use some of the latest and greatest video equipment, including some readily available consumer technology that we’ve customized with our own special in-house equipment, workflow, and filming techniques – all integrated into a “triathlon center in mobile cart” solution that helped us win the USA TRIATHLON “Entrepreneur of the Year” in their “shark tank” competition in 2020!

You can find some of the video equipment and products we recommend at 4starendurance.com/gear – or contact us for more info!

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