The Metabolic Athlete’s Ultimate Marathon RACE DAY CHECKLIST

Getting ready for a marathon or endurance race event? What “must have” products and items do you pack for race morning in order to have a perfect race day experience?

If you need some great tips, check out our ULTIMATE MARATHONRACE DAY” CHECKLIST complied from the most experienced coaches and athletes from the 4 STAR ATHLETE CLUB and METABOLIC ATHLETE – including individual coaches with over 100+ marathon and 20+ IRONMAN finishes who have dealt with preparing for just about any race day conditions!

This compilation includes all of the items both our athletes and coaches have personally packed into their RACE DAY gear bags – for pre-race, post-race, and during the race. From breakfast items to recovery tools, you’ll find a little bit of everything here to help you pack and prepare for race day. So if you’re a little Type-A, enjoy big checklists, and want to over-prepare like a pro – then this ULTIMATE RACE DAY CHECKLIST list is for you!

Find something we’re missing? Let us know and we’ll add it to this list!

VIDEO: Watch this little tip video with a look at Coach Chris’ own race morning ziplock baggie of goodies: https://tinyurl.com/4star-racemorning

Some tips on items to pack for RACE MORNING – for marathons (both standalone and during IRON distance triathlons)!
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  • Face Masks (no longer required at most races but might want for large crowds at events with large international fields?)
  • Toenail clippers – clipped your toenails?
  • Race Bib (and/or timing chip if it’s not one in the same!) & Safety Pins
  • Hydration / Race Belt  – with Phone and cash/ID storage (for post race festival beer or public transport / taxi?)
  • Run Shoes & Technical Socks (+ Extra pair of post-race socks/shoes/flip-flops?)
  • Technical Shirts / Shorts / Team Singlet (+ Nipple protection band-aids?)
  • Body Glide (toes, legs, heels, nips, arms, butt) + Blister Band-aids + A&D cream (for healing chaffing marks / post-race showers)?
  • TECH GEAR: GPS Watch (+charger!) & Heart Rate Monitor (with charged / recent battery replaced?) – we recommend MyZone MZ-SWITCH ($50 off link)
  • MORNING BREAKFAST: 300+ calories w/ easy to digest option (oatmeal, blueberry muffins, chocolate muffins, meal replacement shake, etc.?)
  • PRE-RACE FUEL: Bar/Gel, Gatorade Drink, Banana, Bagel, etc. + extra water bottle?
  • RACE FUEL: Water Bottle + Sports Nutrition “Gels” (how many?) + Salts/Chews 
  • WEATHER GEAR:  Poncho/Garbage bag, tossable long sleeve shirt / Gloves
  • SUN PROTECTION: Sunglasses / Sunscreen / Lip Balm / Running Hat/Visor
  • POST RACE: Dry clothes in Gym Bag / CLEAR Security Bag / wet clothes bag?
    • Extra socks, Compression & Recovery Gear, Medications, etc.
  • POST-RACE ITEMS:  Snacks (a fun treat?) + Cell Phone charger/battery pack?
  • RECOVERY TOOLS: Stick, Foam Roller (with vibration!), Recovery Ball, Compression Boots, compression calf sleeves or socks, and massage gun (see our GEAR page).
  • OTHER:  Music Headphones/Phones are ok in most marathons (but not triathlons!), BUT KEEP IN MIND NO SELFIE STICKS OR CAMERAS at most events!
  • Anything else you can think of?
    Check our our GEAR page for links to discounts on specific items we recommend and let us know via Youtube video comment or post below if you think there are any items we should add to our lists!

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